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Welcome to CdM

Sogni una casa o un appartamento su misura dei tuoi gusti e delle tue esigenze di spazio? Gli esperti di CdM sono a tua disposizione per trovare la migliore soluzione adatta alle tue necessità di arredo


The vast choice of CdM furniture is the result of careful selection of the best Italian furniture companies, to offer the highest quality at affordable prices.


We rely exclusively to Italian companies, with products designed by the best designers and manufactured entirely in our area, modern and always all ‘vanguard.


Furnish following every need is what most distinguishes us. Each limit will turn into distinguishing detail, making your unique and personalized spaces.


CdM i Mobili

Per il team CdM arredare su misura non è solo un argomento di ingombri o centimetri. Per noi significa parlare con il cliente, interpretando le sue richieste proponendo la migliore soluzione che lo rispecchi pienamente.

arredamenti su misura

arredamenti su misura


After seven years of constant work in CdM territory it stretches over the Veneto region, arriving in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, opening three different Showroom. In these years “CdM the furniture” promotes its own custom-made furnishings and its business abroad, thanks to agreements with top level Italian companies and consideration of the Made in Italy all over the world. In 2010, it also created “Modern Cuisine Italien”, a company based in Rabat in Morocco, where it was opened a showroom open to the local public and construction companies, in which sight of proposals and the Italian concept of furniture. The company’s growth, however, does not end here, because in 2011 kicks off the collaboration with Elektormarket for the opening of the new showroom in Novigrad in Croatia and the agreement with Permaflex for the market in Tunisia, two showroom openings in India in New Delhi and Chandigarh, by partnering with Visual Desires. The passion for the Made in Italy and the strong belief of putting the customer’s needs always on top continue to characterize and distinguish the Cabinet meeting that for over twenty years with the experience and ongoing research in the world of design in concrete the dreams of all its customers. 

Living Area

Furniture for living rooms and kitchens

Furniture for your living space with minimalist or geometric lines but extremely elegant. CdM offers a wide range of custom-made furnishings, such as furniture for the living room built with care and with fine materials for a touch of style to any environment. The kitchen is a place of encounters: with food, with friends and family, with the children, to blow out the candles, to do homework or to make an important decision. The tables fill our home not only occupying a physical space, but a space filled with memories, we present a wide range of modern paintings for home furnishing of the biggest names of Italian interior design. 

Sleeping area

Double rooms and Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most intimate area of ​​the house and furnish it means letting choose our feelings! A room that combines timeless emotion, the place to relax and wake up happy in the morning. You will find the best double bedrooms and single to elegantly furnish one of the most important areas of your home. soft and romantic lines for a classic bedroom or projected into the modern. Each of us imagines his bedroom dream that is already complete or to be assembled with custom furnishings to create something unique. It is a double or single, the first choice concerns the bed, then we will think the cabinet, with hinged or sliding doors, perhaps trusting to the capacity of the closet, or preferring the convenience of a corner cupboard if the room size allows. The lighting becomes crucial to create the right atmosphere, indispensable and practices the lampshade on the bedside tables. 

Bathroom furniture

Furniture for bathroom furniture

For those looking for the valuable originality for its own bathroom a set of proposals designed to make you fall in love. Simplicity, simplicity and modernity. The lines and surfaces take on different values depending on the taste of each one and according to the color combinations of materials and your custom-made furnishings. CdM will advise you in the bathroom furnishing choice best suited to your home, making you choose from the best Italian and foreign brands of interior design. 



Pianificare, progettare, adattare con stile e prodotti di qualità: questa è la nostra firma!


Thanks to our team of experts will study your every space with a bespoke design.


For the best quality at every stage of processing we will offer unique and structured furniture for you.


After the purchase we are at your disposal to provide any assistance.


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